Case Study Authors

Alston, Sandra. University of Toronto
The Prospectus of the Quebec Gazette / La Gazette de Québec

Antoncic, Debra. Queen's University
“To Dress Our Letters in Such Strong Fancy”: The Indian File Poetry Series

Barrett, Paul. Queen’s University
“Dreaming of the Millions”: Austin Clarke’s More

Barrett, Renu. McMaster University
Copp Clark Company

Bell, Whitney. Queen’s University
Queen’s Quarterly: Fostering Canadian Cultural Identity

Betts, Gregory. Brock University
Curvd H&Z Press and Avant-Garde/Small Press Publishing in Canada
The Rise of the Small Press Movement in Canada

Bowness, Suzanne. University of Ottawa
Saturday Night: Canada’s Oldest General Interest Magazine

Bruusgaard, Emily. Queen’s University
Chatelaine Magazine

Campbell, Sandra. Carleton University
Lorne Pierce of the Ryerson Press and Vera Lysenko’s Men in Sheepskin Coats (1947): Resisting the “Red Scare”

Carefoote, P.J. University of Toronto
Censorship in Canada

Chong, Justina. McMaster University
Douglas Gibson Books and Alice Munro, with Editorial Audio Recordings by Douglas Gibson

Clarkson, Stuart. Archives of Ontario
Cashbook Contributions to the Biographies of Publishers George Maclean Rose and Daniel Rose

Cundell, Cheryl. Queen’s University
Dorothy Livesay and "Call My People Home" (with audio recording)
Men of the Cloth and the Book: E.J. Pratt and Lorne Pierce

Dondertman, Anne. University of Toronto
J. Macdonald Oxley’s Record of Literary Achievement
The Toronto Small Press Book Fair

Donnelly, Judy. McMaster University
Bradley-Garretson Company Limited
Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited
Jack McClelland and McClelland & Stewart

Edwards, Brendan F.R. Independent Scholar
Deemed “authentic”: Basil H. Johnston
Ethel Brant Monture: “A One-Woman Crusade”
Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed: “Biography with a purpose”
Ruth Buck and the publication of Edward Ahenakew’s Voices of the Plains Cree
"Yours Aboriginally": Twentieth-Century Aboriginal Authorship in Canada

Enrst, Christopher. University of Toronto
J.W. Bengough: Publisher and Pioneer of Editorial Cartooning in English Canada

Fleming, Patricia Lockhart. University of Toronto (retired)
The Business of an Eighteenth-Century Printing Office: The Neilson Paybook

Fortin, Marc. Queen’s University
Hugh Garner: The “One Man Trade Union” of Publishing (with audio recording)
Translators of Canada: Paul Wilson, Wayne Grady, and David Lobdell

Friskney, Janet B. Frost Centre for Canadian Studies & Indigenous Studies, Trent University
The Birth of The Ryerson Press Imprint
The Canadian "Pocket Book," 1940-1980

Garay, Kathy. McMaster University
Marian Engel: A Life in Writing

Gilbert, Jenny. University of Toronto
Job Printing and a Town Newspaper: The Collingwood Bulletin

Globe, Alexander. University of British Columbia (retired)
Agnes FitzGibbon’s Subscription Books for Canadian Wild Flowers
The Story of Canadian Wild Flowers

Hiebert, Matthew. Queen’s University
In Canada and Abroad: The Diverse Publishing Career of George Woodcock

Hindmarch, Leanne. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Gardening in the Great White North: Marjorie Harris’s The Canadian Gardener

Hipworth, Sarah. Toronto
A Concise History and Video Tour of Coach House Press
Stan Bevington: The Making of a Master Printer with Audio Interview

Hobbs, David. Queen's University
H. Pearson Gundy, Upper Canada's Publishing Historian

Home, Heather. Queen’s University
Harvest House

Ing, Tiffanie. Queen’s University
Publishing for Children: McClelland & Stewart's Long Legacy

Ingleton, Pamela. McMaster University
Margaret Atwood, Dennis Lee and the Survival of Canadian Literature

Kapuscinski, Kiley. Queen’s University
Helen Humphreys’s Toronto Mythologies

Kozakewich, Tobi. Queen’s University
Mazo de la Roche and the Atlantic Monthly Award

Landon, Richard. University of Toronto
“Carefully Drawn by Thoreau MacDonald”

Laurico, MaryAnne. Queen’s University
Al Purdy: Canadian Nationalism and The New Romans
Isabella Valancy Crawford

Lefebvre, Benjamin. University of Worcester
L.M. Montgomery and Her Publishers

Lennox, John. York University
William Arthur Deacon: Reviewing, Advertising, and Publishers

Lock, Margaret
Locks’ Press, the private press of Fred and Margaret Lock, Kingston, Ontario: A Personal Narrative

MacLaren, Eli. Queen’s University
Copyright and Publishing
MacSkimming, Roy
The Perilous Trade Collection, with Audio Interviews

Maxwell, John. Simon Fraser University
Coach House Press: Crucible of Electronic Publishing Technology

May, Robert. Queen’s University
Lover of Empire: William Wilfred Campbell
The Poet and the Publisher: Duncan Campbell Scott and Lorne Pierce

McGrath, Leslie. Toronto
“In Kamloops I’ll Eat Your Books”: Dennis Lee’s Alligator Pie

McIntyre, Tim. Queen’s University
Alan Crawley and Contemporary Verse

McKnight, David. University of Pennsylvania
The Poetic Achievement of Contact Press (1952-1967)

Meier, John H., Jr. Independent Scholar
The Governor General’s Literary Awards

Morra, Linda. Bishop’s University
Guernica Editions

Murphy, Seamus. Queen’s University
William Kirby and Copyright: The Publication History of The Golden Dog

Nurse, Andrew. Mount Allison University
Marius Barbeau and the History of Anthropological and Folklore Publishing

Osmun, Lindsay. Brock University
New Business: The Impact of Fifth Business on Robertson Davies’ Relationship with his Canadian Publishers

Panofsky, Ruth. Ryerson University
The Macmillan Company of Canada

Parker, George L.. Royal Military College of Canada (retired)
The Publishing Industry in Canada: 1918 to the Twenty-First Century

Porter, Ryan. Queen’s University
Archibald Lampman

Quirk, Linda. Queen’s Universitiy
Privately Published by the Pauline Johnson Trust
Nellie McClung’s Literary Legacy

Saunders, Peter. Publisher
Garamond Press

Schonberg, Michal. University of Toronto
Sixty Eight Publishers

Scott, Kim. McMaster University
Catching Sight of the Battle: Gladys Neale’s Rise to the Top of Educational Publishing (with audio recording)

Shoesmith, John. University of Toronto
Alberto Manguel and Louise Dennys: An Editing Match
Barbarian Press: Endgrain Editions

Smith, Don.University of Calgary (retired)
Grey Owl and His Publishers

Smith, Jordan Rendell. Queen’s University
How Sheila Watson’s The Double Hook Caught On

Spadoni, Carl. McMaster University
Hockey Books and Canadian Culture
Publishers’ Catalogues and a Chariot on Yonge Street: Marketing Canadian Books
Stephen Leacock and His Canadian Publishers

Stapleton, Rick. McMaster University
The Publication of Alistair MacLeod’s The Lost Salt Gift of Blood

Stobbart, Leslie. Queen’s University
Nora Keeling: The Life of a Short Story Writer
Diane Schoemperlen

Thomson, Donna. McMaster University
The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float: Farley Mowat and Jack McClelland

Totanes, Von. University of Toronto
Royalties and the Rails: Pierre Berton’s Railway Books

Trush, Mary. University of Alberta
“The Queen Bee of the Canadian Book Trade”: Anna Porter and Key Porter Books

Turcon, Sheila. McMaster University
Bringing CanLit into the Classroom—Brita Mickleburgh’s Canadian Literature: Two Centuries in Prose
The Censorship of Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners, 1976-1985
Hugh Kane: "The Compleat Bookman"

Vincent, Tom. Royal Military College of Canada (retired)
Bliss Carman: A Life in Literary Publishing

Ware, Tracy. Queen’s University
The Prodigious Career of Charles G.D. Roberts

Weichel, Eric. Queen’s University
An “Artist of standing”: C.W. Jefferys and Historical Illustration in Canada

Wright, Donald. University of New Brunswick
Donald Creighton, John Gray, and the Making of Macdonald

York, Lorraine. McMaster University
Canada Reads and the Atwood Archives