Merrylees, John Innes, Diary, 2-3 November 1917

Diary of John Merrylees


Case Study: 
British Forces in the Middle East
Merrylees, John Innes
2-3 November 1917
Place: Beersheba
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No stand to. Reveille 0545. In afternoon moved 800 yds to another wadi, where we settled down. Another move later back 200 yds after being relieved by 74th Div.
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then revolver jambed so ran back to others. A plane came low & fearing we should be machined gunned opened fire with rifles. This plane was brought down by rifle & I.G. fire. I returned to B.H.Q. with a message from Roe and found Hooker OC Bn the Colonel having been severely wounded on outpost Hill. I left Roe and 20 men on Hill I, isolated 1200 yds in front of our line. After reporting I went out with SB's [stretcher bearer's] brought in L/C. Kimber badly hit in lung. Slept in Cesspool wadi night quite done. Roe & his party returned after dark.
Officer casulaties: wounded: -
Lt. Col. Wilkins
Capt. Cunningham
2Lt. Roberts
moved off at 0515 on long march to Tel El Khuweillfeh. At end of march we extended across a hill under topping covering fire (overhead) of I.C.C. (Australian Company) & reached Cesspool wadi, dumped packs and fixed bayonets. "A" in one line on left "B" on right. We advanced, crossed one hill and then afterwards found 3 or 4 platoons & B company were stopped by order. The remainder about 30 men with Roe went forward crossed another 2 wadis & climbed Hill I slowly, when we passed false crests a Turk on summit ... rose and left. Roe and I fired at him & missed so I fired again, another miss. We charged & found no one there. On way up we saw Turks on Hill I clear off after receiving well place shrapnel. Then we found a Turkish trench on our left. These people turned round and fired across [?] at us. After a rest I went forward alone until I saw an isolated sniper post with rifle & bayonet projecting thro loophole. Fired 3 times