Aldwinckle, Eric, Letter, 5 April 1944

Letter to Harry Somers


Case Study: 
Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers
Aldwinckle, Eric
5 April 1944
McMaster University Libraries
Copyright, public domain: McMaster University owns the rights to the archival copy of the digital image in TIFF format. Reproduced with the kind permission of Margaret Bridgman.


Oh, and while I think of it, when your first music is published may I have the honor of designing or supervising the design of the cover. So little attention is paid to the clothing of good music, and the only reason being it costs too much. My service would of course be free so they would have no excuse and so your music can be presented to the visible world masterfully as well as to the audible world. (Of course you may want to design your own, which (to flatter you again (pig) would I expect be better than the existing designs)
* At first glance, Flights of Fancy #1 presents its greatest difficulty in the unfamiliar 5/4 time, but once I've 'felt it' I think I can play it. ["Just read your warning in letter #1" is inserted in the margin] Mood, I think I can manage quite well. Moon Haze, I can tell right now I'm going to have a hell of a time over the 'haze' but perhaps if I drink enough English coffee I can make it. It seems the most interesting one at first glance. I'll let you know later. Anyway I'm going to enjoy them and I do love this creative gift, birthday gift I mean. (I love my creative gifts too -- creative abilities I mean) To give creatively is the best, but to receive creatively is to enjoy the best of someone's giving. (epigram) Don't quote me in the local newspapers.
You mention looking forward to my latest paintings! Warning. It will probably make appearance in all sorts of disconnected order and contrary to the superficial publicity which is really just gossip in a well meaning sort of way, much of it you will find not as glamorous or as significant as suggested. Probably no distinction will be made between those works which are subject sketches and paintings on the spot, and those which are compositions of a more visionary nature. I trust your discrimination.
* Forgive me not commenting on their qualities which I must reserve until I can hear (and feel} them.