Aldwinckle, Eric, Letter, 5 April 1944

Letter to Harry Somers


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Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers
Aldwinckle, Eric
5 April 1944
McMaster University Libraries
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You were not incoherent to me on RS technique because Reg Godden had already enlightened me with demonstration and explanation from his books, and I was so pleased to see such uncommon sense and recognised the fundamental at once because I saw the same factor in other forms of human expression before I'd heard of R.S. (not Ruth). It's the same with this beautiful curve -- [a drawing of a curve extends from 1/4 down from the top-right of the page to the bottom-left of the page] It does not take an artistic creative mind to perform it (or does it?) I think any healthy "free" body could produce it. The application of it is another thing, but the technique of acting the curve is a natural result of body, free body movement, effortless. All good techniques must be easy, a pleasure to feel. Don't you agree.
(I'm sorry we don't agree on Copeland's creativeness, by the way, but you may be sure it is due to my ignorance of their complete works, and I acquiess (?) corrected, humbly.) (but let's not get so amazed about our amazements)
Good about Reg Godden's performance. I am not surprised. I think I know his worth. He doesn't have to put on a 'show' because he is more interested in a perfect job for its own sake and I don't know of any better way of success. He is great.
I should have answered letter 1 to thank you, first, so much for the lovely birthday gift. Birthdays and gifts are usually dull when you are older and it's nice to know one can still get anxious to open present. Thanks for your trouble and kindness, Harry. Yes, you can solve a problem for me. "How can I get a piano in a quiet place all to myself for hours"? I have only been able to glance at the pieces. They are difficult to play (perhaps I mean "sight read") so I must leave comment, questions, etc until I have been able to wangle a work out.