Aldwinckle, Eric, Letter, 10 February 1945

Letter to Harry and Ruth Somers


Case Study: 
Creative Dialogue Across the Ocean: Eric Aldwinckle’s Letters to Harry Somers
Aldwinckle, Eric
10 February 1945
Place: RCAF Headquarters, London
McMaster University Libraries
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F/O E. Aldwinckle RCAF HQ Feb 16 1945 London
Dear Harry,
this started as a letter to you then I started one to Dear Ruth, so it's all mixed up.
I do hope your cold has vacated the premises. Mine is still dickering for a new lease and is strongly supported by The Underground Railway. Perhaps by continuing to raise my voice in nasty hacking remarks I shall eventually succeed in ridding myself of this undesirable tenant.
Biologically it is not an easy victory because of the nature of the terrain. There are six divisions of Red Army Corpuscles on the Eastern Front completely cut off from their source of supply, completely outnumbered by the enemy which is unfortunately commanded by General Debility, who knows how to conduct a war psychologically; uses with great cunning the power of propoganda [sic] and dried egg.
Occasionally I have retired to my little Berchstgarden, consulted my astrologers and communicated with God and I am told the answer is "Liebensraum". I, the great leader of the Germs, am inspired. Intuition tells me I must invade Georgian Bay islands and Kampf there. The date is secret. In fact even I don't know it, but if everything works according to plan, everything will have worked according to plan. As it is, I haven't made any plans so I must go on working *†(according to R.C.A.F.)
I was delighted to hear that the Quartet was to be performed and am anxious to hear, read, and know the composer's reactions. And the Toronto musicians. Please don't send anything Augustus Bridle says. I couldn't bear it.* I hope for success in allowing to continue Harry's career after Feb 9th. I have a feeling it shall be possible.
Last night I at last managed to see Miss Winyates
*†not to be taken seriously (ED)
*see page 5 paragraph I